The RingTools Telegram-bot is currently main supporting the Satoshi Radio / Connect the World Rings of Fire and therefore mainly suited as support for the process they are using. It is still is early development so commands might change.

Public commands




Check if I’m alive.

/set_language [lang]

Change language of the bot (en, es, de, nl)

/fullnodeaddress [PubKey]

Get full address of lightning node

/nodeinfo [PubKey]

Get Lightning node info

/chaninfo [ChannelID]

Get Lightning channel info

/set_country [CountryCode]

Set your country to #connect_the_world (e.g. NL or US)


Register node (see convience features)


Make country visible in ring participation polls.


Get instructions on how to join a Ring of Fire

/donate [Sats] [Message]

Donate to Ringtools-Web Development

Ring-group commands

For all ring participants




Get ring-specific link for Ringtools-Web


Get overview of timezones of all participants

For individual ring participants



/participate [PubKey]

Join this ring (if you don’t have any channels, use your full node URI)


Leave this ring


Confirm you are funded

/set_country [CountryCode]

Set your country to #connect_the_world (e.g. NL or US)


Leave this ring

/get_file [igniterconf]

Get igniter.conf file (only when all channels are opened)

For masters of ceremony




Get overview of channels


Ring participant overview


Start Ring Wizard


Edit Ring Wizard

/set_order [PubKeysContents]

Reorder participants (using pubkeys.txt export from Ringtools-Web)

/set_order_user [username]

Reorder participants (set @username at the bottom for igniter)


Set Ringleader of the ring


Update ring name and logo


Get ring visual (same as on rof.tools)

/raffle [user1] [user2] [user…]

Do a raffle, e.g. ringleader selection.


Explain Igniter output. Reply to a single message with output or to a file in the chat.


View channel settings

/import_csv [FileContents]

Import Groupnodes CSV from Cheeserobot


Update ring name


Update ring group logo

/set_autoclean [cmd|self] [true]

Change autoclean settings

/set_greeting [text]

Set new user message

/post_message [template]

Post message (welcome, opening_channels, igniter, fee_info, balanced)

/set_name [RingName]

Set name of ring

/set_size [RingSize]

Set size of ring

/set_ring_mode [mode]

Set ring mode (e.g. opening_channels)

/ring_greet [true/false] [cleanDelay]

Enable/disable new user greeting

Poll commands



/poll_ring [RingName] [MaxPpl]

Create poll to join a ring

/poll_repost [RingName] [MaxPpl]

Repost poll to join a ring


Create poll to become ringleader (admins only)


Force close poll