Convenience features

All convenience features are optional to use. The bot will not announce your registration in public channels.

Remember country

You can say /set_country [2-letter country code] in a DM to @ringtools_bot, so you don’t have type this every time you join a ring.

Set country

Show flag in participation list

After setting your country in a DM with @ringtools_bot you can show the country you are from in the participation lists, you can enable visibility with /country_visible. Saying it again will toggle it off again.

Country visibility

Flag in participation system

Remember (multiple) nodes

You can register your node after verification so you don’t have to type your public key after saying /participate. Say /add_node in a DM to @ringtools_bot and follow the wizard.

Next time you do /participate in a ring you can select your node using buttons, if you have multiple nodes then multiple buttons will be shown.

See the video below too see it in action.