Installation and usage

Check out the repo of @StijnBTC/Ringtools for the most recent usage instructions.


  1. Open your SSH client and log into your node

  2. Update pip to be sure pip3 install --upgrade pip

  3. Clone this repository git clone

  4. Navigate to the right folder cd Ringtools

  5. Install the requirements pip3 install -r requirements.txt


  1. Put all public keys and telegram usernames, separated with a comma in pubkeys.txt

  2. Run checkring functionality with write to create channels.txt python3 check --write-channels

  3. Run Ringtools python3 -f -l status (When you’re ready, hit Ctrl+C)

Instructions for use with c-lightning

RingTools-CLI uses LND by default. To use c-lightning add --client cl as argument.

If you don’t have the RPC unix at the default location use the --clrpc /path/to/lightning-rpc argument.

The channel format is different when using C-lightning, but if you use the pubkeys.txt file this should not matter.