Public instance

There is a public instance available at Although it does have channels, it is probably not part of the Ring of Fire you are leading or participating in so gossip might be slower.

Manual import node information from Cheeserobot

  • Make sure Cheeserobot is in the ring channel

  • Say /groupnodes@cheeserobot


  • Download the .csv file

  • Open it in a text editor (don’t open it in a spreadsheet like Excel or Numbers)

  • Select all and copy to clipboard, including headers.

  • Go to the settings page of Ringtools-Web

  • Paste the clipboard contents to the Import area.


  • Press Import Groupnodes button.

  • You should now see the node information on the right side.

  • Set a Ringname

  • Click Save Ring Settings to persist to the browsers localstorage

  • You are now ready to use the Design and Watch parts of Ringtools-Web