For admins

Ring Wizard

The ring wizard automates the channel setup, just use /start_ring_wizard and follow the steps. Make sure you set all necessary permissions correctly.

Required admin permissions

Manually set up Telegram channel

  1. Create channel group, set name and invite @ringtools_bot.

  2. Set name and size:

    • /set_name [RingName] (e.g.) /set_name #SRROF_1Msats_21stRING

    • /set_size [RingSize] (e.g.) /set_size 1000000

  3. Get channel logo: /update_logo (It should automatically detect size and number from the Ring Name).

  4. Create ringleader poll: /poll_ringleader

  5. Set autoclean (optional):

    • /set_autoclean cmd true (Removes bot commands by others after 1 minute)

    • /set_autoclean self true (Removes bot response after 1 minute)

  6. (Optional) Post welcome message /post_message welcome

  7. (Optional) Set user greeting /set_greeting

  8. (Optional) Enable user greeting /ring_greet true 900 (900 seconds is 15 minutes)

  9. (Optional) Change ring group channel name /update_name

Opening channels

  1. (Optional) reorder participants with /set_order [PubKeysContents] (after reordering, download pubkeys.txt from ringtools-web)

  2. Post channel opening instructions message /post_message opening_channels

  3. Share ring visual from the watch page of ringtools-web

  4. Let know who has to open with who /ring_channels long

  5. Set the channel message to auto update with /set_ring_mode opening_channels

  6. Get ring visual /ring_visual

Choose ringleader and post balancing instructions

  1. Reorder participants so the ringleader will be at the bottom with /set_order [PubKeysContents] (after reordering, download pubkeys.txt from ringtools-web)

  2. Make sure the ringleader has set a username and said /start in a DM to @ringtools_bot, and that @ringtools_bot has the permission to promote other users.

  3. Make someone ringleader /set_ringleader @ringleader

  4. Post the igniter instructions message /post_message igniter

  5. (Optional) generate the igniter.conf file /get_file igniterconf

After balancing

  1. Post the fee information message /post_message fee_info

  2. Set the ring to balanced /set_ring_mode balanced

  3. Update the ring logo /update_logo

  4. Post the balanced message /post_message balanced